If we see at the past, software testing was all about identifying application errors and troubleshooting them. This software testing was done to make sure that quality is maintained and the shipped products are of high maintenance. However, now companies look forward to timely optimization, working towards scaling their company’s productivity and utilizing maximum technical resources to reduce manual tasks. All this is done to ensure an excellent user experience.  For the best experience in automation testing, organizations hire selenium testers too.

Through automation testing businesses can achieve their goals. It helps in maintaining quality and speeds up your delivery process. The advancement in the technology industry shows that automation testing is all time need. Just as artificial intelligence and machine learning have paved a path in the technological field, automation testing will also expand in the coming years. According to a survey, AT is likely to grow at a CAGR of approximately, 19.2%.

Here are the top 8 automation trends that you need to consider. Let’s start!

  • Hyperautomation testing

    Hyperautomation is one of the top trends of automation testing that is a mixture of AI, automation techniques, and machine learning. It enhances human capabilities to initiate more scalable product development. Automation companies have now reduced human intervention to ensure that there is continuous automatic testing. These companies let you hire selenium testers, Appium testers, and others for better testing services. The testing procedures include modern technologies like artificial intelligence, ML, Business process management, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), etc. to create powerful products.
  • Cloud-based cross-browser testing

    to test your web application pages without any hustle, companies have adopted automated testing technology. They believe that writing different and long coding requires a huge amount of time and effort that is useless. Organizations that are still practicing traditional testing methods are far behind those that have adopted automation testing. Your company must adopt cloud-based automation testing procedures to enhance quality and reduce cost. The QA teams find this technology much more reliable for testing errors. You can also seek to hire selenium testers for your organization because they are experienced in cross-browser testing.
  • Non-functional testing

    Non-functional testing is the key to achieving customer satisfaction with a software product. To increase the efficiency of the product and maintain high-quality standards non-operative testing is given priority. It also helps in reducing the risk of errors in the production process and reduces costs as well.  You can also hire selenium testers as they are skilled in non-functional testing. Following are the categories of non-functional testing processes.
  • Secured testing
  • Accessible testing procedures
  • Checking the performance level
  • Testing of infrastructure
  • Stress testing
  • Testing of load
  • Recovery testing
  • Automated regression testing

    if you wish to deliver effective solutions to increase speed then automation regression testing helps you do that. This feature not only helps to enhance scalability but also ensures that regression bugs are easily identifiable. The AR testing tools are TimeShiftX, rational functional tester, IBM, Selenium, skill test, etc. You must hire selenium testers to make sure that the code modifications do not hinder the functionalities. This will also ensure that a safety net is provided for finding regression bugs. TestComplete and Ranorex are other tools for automation regression testing.
  • API testing

While developing new web applications it is genuine that developers will use third-party application programming interfaces or libraries. However, when multiple users and applications use the same API, it is better to test them thoroughly. You must ensure that these APIs are free from any errors that might obstruct the working performance of web applications. Hire selenium testers or skilled developers who can work towards identifying bugs. This also helps to ensure a seamless interaction with other API services.

  • DevTestOps

One of the most trending domains is DevTestOps. It is different from the DevOps methodology. While DevOps help in increasing the ability of an organization to deploy changes effectively, whereas DevTestOps provides an enhancement in the quality of applications through seamless automation testing methods. The QA community makes use of CI or CD pipelines along with artificial intelligence to improve your delivery process.  For this companies look forward to hiring selenium developers for a strong automation testing procedure.

Thus, DevTestOps helps in identifying bugs before they harm your software applications. It provides satisfaction to the users of automation tools.

  • Codeless automation

Another trend is codeless automation testing. As the name says, it provides relief to the developers from hours of coding and running test codes. It eliminates the necessity of writing hundreds of code lines thereby saving time and energy. Regardless of the size of the application, codeless automation is known to improve the reliability and steadiness of applications. While Selenium is one of the popular tools for automation testing that offers codeless automatic testing. You should seek to hire selenium testers to improve your organization’s success. 

  • Mobile automation testing

    mobile automation testing is said to be one of the top trends in automation testing. As the mobile industry and its usage have increased since the covid 19 pandemic, it is likely to say that it will increase by a CAGR of 20.3% or maybe more.  Automation mobile testing is a necessary need with the growing usage of the internet and cybercrimes. The QA teams of testing work towards ensuring customer satisfaction, increased productivity, reduced delivery time, and maintained quality products.

Here are the top 8 tools used in automation testing. 

  • The first is selenium. It’s considered the top automation testing tool as the majority of companies have voted to hire selenium testers. 
  • Next is the IBM rational functional tester.
  • TestComplete
  • Katalon Studio
  • Appium
  • Cucumber
  • SoapUI
  • WorkSoft


Now after knowing the necessary information about automation testing, you are aware that it works towards smoothening the functionality of an organization. It has multiple benefits like reducing delivery time, speeding up the working process, reducing coding, maintaining quality standards, etc. to improve your software quality we recommend you hire selenium testers. They ensure that your growing startups are free from software errors and leverage fast automation testing processes. There is no doubt that automation testing can be considered as the future of software testing in the coming years. The latest 8 trends will help you to adopt new techniques of testing and give you an edge in improving your software applications.

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